More $treaming data for your research and edification

I’m doing my best to take the mystery out of the music “business” (not the mystery out of the music, mind you!). To that end, I’ve been open about my streaming data. I keep seeing articles on how musicians are going to make bank with Spotify….and I think those stories are misleading. I’ve said it before… in my experience, streaming plays an important role in discovery, but it should not be counted on as a source of income. In other words, if you’re an artist, get your music up on Spotify, but don’t expect to get rich. And, don’t put a Spotify play button on your own website.

Here it is:

Spotify data for the 1st quarter of 2012 

(Scroll down to the bottom of the spreadsheet to see the totals and a description of what the data is.)

Or, if you like pretty graphs, Ryan Robitalle made this data into one


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