An interview: my niche artist’s view on streaming

An interview with me on Virgin Disruptors: why I released my earnings data and what else I want from streaming services.

Tune into a live debate on these topics with me, will.iam, Imogen Heap, Amanda Palmer, Scooter Braun, Songkick, Vevo and Spotify…on Oct 28th at 11am Pacific Time (1pm EST/7pm GST) at Virgin Disruptors.


Interview with Create Digital Music

During the SF MusicTech conference in October I found a quiet corner in which to talk with Mat Earp from Create DIgital Music.

She shocked the music business by revealing she wasn’t making money on Spotify – then shocked them again by revealing she was making money on our own. Now, CDM’s Matt Earp talks to cellist Zoe Keating about surviving as a creative musician, and keeping the music coming. Hint: “exposure” is not necessarily the key to survival. -Ed.

I write music. I play the cello and the computer. There are dots over my e.

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